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Registration forms


Registration forms of data, that are subject to publication in the Register of auditors and entities (approved by decision AChU from September 27, 2018 № 1/1 and agreed by Audit public oversight body).
Auditors and audit entities must submit a registration form and a corresponding application to the AChU (for the initial inclusion or amendment of the disclosed information) in the electronic form to e-mail: reestr2018@apu.com.ua with an obligatory paper confirmation.

1. The registration form of information to be disclosed in the Register of auditors and audit entities. Section Auditors переглянути or download

2. The registration form of the information about the auditor, who conducts the auditing activity individually, that to be published in the Register of auditors and audited entities look through or завантажити

3. Registration form of information about a legal entity to be disclosed in the Register of auditors and entities look through or завантажити

Information Sheet “On the Procedure for Submission of Registration Forms to the AChU” look through or download


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