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Mainstreaming into the Register


Regulation of the National Commission that implements state regulation in the field of financial services markets from November 13, 2018, № 1977 “On approval of the Model contract of voluntary insurance of civil liability of the subject of audit activity before third parties” переглянути / завантажити

Information Sheet “On the Procedure for Submission of Registration Forms to the AChU” look through or download

Notification of amending changes by the auditors and audit entities to information in the Register  переглянути / завантажити

Sheet government agency “Audit public oversight body” from December 14, 2018, № 9 “On the decision of the Oversight board ”  переглянутизавантажити

Clarification sheet about entering information in the Register of Auditors and Audit Entities Quality Assurance Inspections of the Audit public oversight body.








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